Snow Falling on Trees in Winter

Snow Falling on Trees in WinterSnow Falling on Trees in WinterSnow Falling on Trees in WinterSnow Falling on Trees in WinterSnow Falling on Trees in WinterSnow Falling on Trees in WinterSnow Falling on Trees in WinterSnow Falling on Trees in Winter

It seems like a long time since we have had snow like this, but it was only a couple of months ago that I was walking around Dunham Massey with my camera. Again this photograph is all about the shape, pattern and texture that the fallen snow creates on the branches of this tree. At the time it wasn’t actually snowing, but the wind was making snow fall from the branches onto my camera. I didn’t hang around long under this particular tree for fear of getting a load of snow on my camera, or worse down the back of my neck!

Dunham Massey Mill in the Snow

Dunham Massey Mill in the Snow

This was one of my recent planned photographs. Firstly in the summer I took the photo, but obviously without the snow. At the time I was happy with it, but looking at what I captured more recently the above is much better in my opinion. The snow covered version took two attempts because the first time I walked to Dunham Massey there was a lot of snow, but the sun was coming through the trees, which cast huge shadows all across the building and made for a very distracting final image. So a couple of weeks ago, when more snow came, I was back there with my camera. I knew that where I needed to stand was on a very steep slope down towards the stream and so I took my tripod to give both myself and the camera some extra support.

Snow on Tree Branch

Spending an afternoon walking around Dunham park looking for good snow scenes was very enjoyable, but I wanted to try to capture some close-up detail photographs. This was the best I came away with in the end. Without the patches of blue sky in the background it would be a awful photograph, but I like how heavy the snow seems on the very thin branches. It seems that if there were to be a slight wind, my camera’s lens would probably fill with snow, as it would come crashing down on me!

Metal Fence and Shadow in the Snow

I thought that the curve of the fence made an interesting photograph, so whilst walking from the car park into Dunham Massey I captured a similar image to the above, but without the shadow. It was OK but lacked something extra special. An hour or so later the sun was out and much lower in the sky causing this long shadow, so I took this photo and thought straight away that it might make a good monochrome or black and white image for the website.