MacLaren Footbridge Lake Tekapo

Opened in 2015, the MacLaren footbridge connects the Lake Tekapo township with the Church of the Good Shepherd. It is 125 metres long but only a couple of metres wide. It makes it much safer and quicker for pedestrians to walk between the township and the church, rather than having to walk along side State Highway 8. The bridge crossed the Tekapo River from Lake George Scott Pond to the left. The river opens up into Lake Tekapo to the right of the bridge. From this angle the township is on the other side of the bridge. We can see some of the lights from a couple of the local bars and restaurants. The straight red lines on the left, behind the bridge are from cars driving over the nearby Lake Tekapo Bridge, part of State Highway 8.

Waibaidu Bridge, Shanghi at night

Waibaidu Bridge, Shanghi at night

From the Zhapulu Bridge looking east along the Suzhou Creek towards Waibaidu Bridge and the Shanghai skyline behind. This might be one of my favourite views of the city. There’s still a good reflection of the building lights on the water but it gives a bit more old and new. Older Shanghai architecture of the Former Rowing Club on the right and iconic Waibaidu Bridge. Contrasting with the shiny new buildings on the east side of the Huangpu Bridge. In particular the Oriental Pearl TV Tower and Shanghai Tower. Aside from the west banks of the Huangpu River at The Bund, this was the most crowded location at dusk. There were at least 40 other photographers with tripods all along the footpath of the bridge. A couple even had drones with them for an aerial view.

Media City at night

On the left is the footbridge leading to the main MediaCityUK buildings in Salford Quays. Back in 2011 when this was brand new I photographed the same scene from this point. Architecturally little has changed, but my camera and photography skills have clearly improved. This was taken in April 2019 on a very rainy evening. I was out with my friend Mark and we were determined to try and capture something in the Salford Quays area. Setting up the tripods our cameras quickly got completely soaked from the heavy rain. This was the best of about a dozen quick snaps but the camera had to go back in the bag as we ran back to my car.

Girl with a Dolphin Fountain

This photograph shows a fountain called Girl with a Dolphin by British sculptor David Wynne. It’s a beautiful sculpture but it is a shame we can’t see the girls face from this angle. I would have had to be on the other side of the fountain and not see the bridge to capture the face of the girl. I had previously taken a photograph of the sculpture in the day time. While waiting for a nearby coffee shop to open after a dawn photoshoot. I came back to try to capture the movement of the water in the fountain. Using a tripod even though the sun was rising at this point. Framing the fountain to be as dominant in the photograph as the bridge. I was attempting to avoid the Shrad skyscraper in the background. In the end I chose to include it rather than hide it behind the bridge. It doesn’t matter too much as the Shard and sky are similar colours and the bridge and fountain are so dominant in the frame.