Forum Theatre – Melbourne

Forum Theatre - Melbourne

Opened in 1929 as the State Theatre this is one of the most historic theatres in Australia. It stands at the corner of Flinders Street and Russell Street in the centre of Melbourne. It is currently used for concerts and other performances. I didn’t go inside but will try to on my next visit to this part of the city. There was a bright red sports car in front of the building which was quite distracting. Rather than try and use Photoshop to remove it. I simply make the photograph black and white. Buildings, especially on cloudy days like this, often look quite good without colour. For those wondering the forum theatre is a sandstone colour.

Evan Walker Bridge over Yarra River

Evan Walker Bridge over Yarra River

The Southbank Pedestrian Bridge is officially called the Evan Walker Bridge. It’s a footbridge over the Yarra River in central Melbourne. Linking Flinders Street Station to the Southbank. This photograph was taken a few hundred metres to the east on Flinders Walk. In the foreground is the iconic Princes Bridge (or at least small parts of it) that frame the photograph. Whilst the day was far from sunny, it was a warm summers day. Hence the number of people cruising up and down the Yarra River on small boats. In the background you can see some of the skyscrapers of Melbourne including the Thales building and new construction going on.

Kite surfer in Gisborne

Gisborne is a beach city and famous for its surfing beaches. This was taken from Waikanae Beach looking across Tūranganui-a-Kiwa (Poverty Bay). I chose to make this a black and white photograph as there is a lot of contrast in the way that the sun was hitting the waves. I watched this kite surfer for about half an hour. There were about five others in the water but this person stood out. They were moved fast up and down the waterfront. And getting airborne a lot. A couple of times they went much higher out the water than this. As someone who enjoys flying a kite, kite surfing has always interested me as something I’d like to try one day.

Tai Chi practice Shanghai

This group of people were practicing what I guess to be Tai Chi. If I’m wrong please let me know and I will correct this. They were so focused on there practice they didn’t see me. Even when crouching to frame this photograph with the Shanghai skyline behind them. This was taken at around 6am in Huangpu Park. We were next to the Shanghai People’s Heroes Monument and The Bund Historical Museum. Getting up before dawn for a photo shoot can sometimes be a bit of a gamble in a new city. The weather can often be unpredictable or not on your side. Shanghai was very hazy early in the morning. On the other hand there are a lot less people and crowds around. In this case, the group of people make this photograph special to me. Without them it would be far less appealing.