Lyttelton harbour from Mount Pleasant

Some of the best views in Christchurch are from the Port Hills. Looking south there is a great view of Lyttleton Port and township. Having seen a few landscapes looking down on Lyttleton harbour. I wanted to see and explore this area myself. After driving around the hills and up and down Summit Road I parked up to explore on foot. This was my favourite landscape featuring Lyttleton. This photograhp was from off the road near Cattlestop Craig and Lyttelton Rocks. I would really like to come back here at dawn or dusk for some low light landscapes of Lyttelton.

Three yachts in Akaroa Harbour

Akaroa Harbour is a sheltered and popular sailing spot. There were dozens of yachts like these to be seen from Beach Road. In the centre is Dixie but I can’t make out the names of the other two yachts. On the other side of the harbour is Wainui village and the hills of the Peraki Saddle Reserve. I choose to photograph three boats on purpose as things often look better as an odd number. It was also a little tricky to frame this without getting half of another boat on the edge of the picture.

Daly’s Wharf Akaroa

Built around 1864, this is the oldest surviving wharf in Akaroa. Not the town’s main wharf but it is used by ships, fishing boats and tourist boat services. After extensive refurbishment in 1913, the wharf had a shed with its orange conical roof added. You can walk around the shed at the end. I took a number of photographs from and of the wharf. This wide version was my favourite. The bright white wooden fence on the left leads the eye to the shed. The old street lamps are also a rare sight to see on such a jetty. 

Hilltop Lookout Point over Akaroa Harbour

Banks Peninsula is an area to the south east of Christchurch in the South Island of New Zealand. It is about an hours drive from the city centre to Hilltop Lookout Point and well worth stopping here for the view. There is a sign saying “You are standing on the rim of a volcano. In front of you is the flooded crater that forms Akaroa Harbour. Explore peaceful inlets and sandy bays, walk through ancient forests and immerse yourself in the history of Banks Peninsula.” The small town of Akaroa is on the far right of the harbour here. The land jutting out into the harbour is Ōnawe Peninsula. The site of a former pā (a Māori village) besieged in 1832. On the far left of the harbour is Duvauchelle Bay.