Trails of light through Napier

This is a style of photography I haven’t tried for a few years. It took half an hour of standing around and waiting for traffic to come from north to south along Marine Parade. This roundabout is in the heart of Napier. You can see The Dome behind. The road to the right is Browning Street. Most of the cars were coming up Browning Street or coming towards the camera along Marine Parade. Light trail photography can be quite unpredictable. Especially when the lights are coming from moving vehicles that you don’t know where they’re heading. With headlights being so much brighter than the red of trail lights, too many cars coming towards the camera don’t make for a pleasing photograph. In the end this was a motorhome heading around the roundabout and south along the parade. It was a 5 second long single exposure.

Ātea a Rangi

I had originally called this archway at night. It was taken a night, pitch dark in fact. But this is an educational star compass. It’s called Ātea a Rangi. It was so dark I had to use a flashlight to get the camera to focus. Sadly the sky was overcast. I’ll have to try again on a clear night. It would be incredibly spectacular to capture a rising Milky Way behind Ātea a Rangi. Designed and constructed in collaboration with Māori celestial navigation experts and landscape architects. The compass is a classroom that teaches students how to navigate by the stars. It’s set in coastal plantings around tidal waterways that reclaim this precious environment, restoring habitat and biodiversity. Signage helped me learn more about the history and significance of the site.

Milky Way above the Church of the Good Shepherd

This is one of my best photographs of the Milky Way and the church in the foreground makes it all the more special. Yet, I still have unfinished photographic business on the shores of Lake Tekapo. Especially when it comes to better astrophotography, landscapes at night and the Church of the Good Shepherd. My vision for this location is a higher up view with a wide lens. Combining my previous Lake Tekapo with Church of the Good Shepherd photograph. Where you can see the lake behind the church with this photograph of the stars above. This would probably be taken from the MacLaren Footbridge. I tried that on this night but the wind made it impossible to get a sharp enough photograph of the church or a long enough exposure to capture the Milky Way. I could use Photoshop to combine the two images but I would rather capture the one photograph in the camera. That will have to wait for another visit to the beautiful Mackenzie country.

MacLaren Footbridge Lake Tekapo

Opened in 2015, the MacLaren footbridge connects the Lake Tekapo township with the Church of the Good Shepherd. It is 125 metres long but only a couple of metres wide. It makes it much safer and quicker for pedestrians to walk between the township and the church, rather than having to walk along side State Highway 8. The bridge crossed the Tekapo River from Lake George Scott Pond to the left. The river opens up into Lake Tekapo to the right of the bridge. From this angle the township is on the other side of the bridge. We can see some of the lights from a couple of the local bars and restaurants. The straight red lines on the left, behind the bridge are from cars driving over the nearby Lake Tekapo Bridge, part of State Highway 8.