Dunham Massey Hall in the Snow

Often I find myself in a fantastic location where nearly everything is perfect for the photograph I want to capture. I still take the shot but I stubbornly seek to get the perfect image. I will be first to admit that most of the pictures I make aren’t perfect, but in this case with Dunham Massey Hall and the lake in front, this is as good as I can get without getting into a boat or stepping on the ice. Two weeks ago I walked to this park and conditions weren’t perfect. Two days ago when the above photograph was taken the light and snow were fantastic. Just what I was looking for and I hope some of you reading this enjoy the above picture as much as I do.

Robin in the Snow

Today I needed to get some groceries and so made the decision to “kill two birds with one stone” and also go back to Dunham Massey, as there was a fresh six inches of snow fall (which is more than I can ever remember seeing). I was able to get the photo I wanted of the old mill covered in snow, which I will publish in a few days. However, whilst walking back to the car I noticed this tiny robin on the metal fence. My favourite photograph of the day by far.

Water Fountain at Dunham Massey in the Snow

Before Christmas on my walk around the Altrincham and Dunham areas I came across this water fountain in the wonderful grounds of Dunham Massey Hall. It shows a lovely contrast between the snow, ice and water. The late afternoon sun streaming through the trees and lighting up the spray of water makes it even more special. You can find this fountain by looking to the right on the path between the main car park and the house, opposite the main lake.

Deer Barn at Dunham Massey in the Snow

Deer Barn at Dunham Massey in the Snow

Before Christmas it started to snow and as much as I didn’t fancy driving far, it was a great opportunity to photograph some of my favourite scenes with their winter coats on! The day I took this I walked from Hale up through Altrincham to Dunham Massey. Although the snow had melted a little there was still enough to give the effect I was looking for. The sun was very low (as you would expect from a winters afternoon, so I am a little upset about the large shadow in the lower left hand corner of the frame. However it is extremely rare to get a chance to take pictures in the snow, especially with lovely blue skies as there were that day.