Mount Maunganui

This was only my second visit to Tauranga and the first time overnight. Whilst I was extremely tired from previous days of travel. I was determined to walk to the top of Mount Maunganui and capture this photograph. Especially given it was a sunny summers day. The Mount is 232 metres above sea level and it took me around 40 minutes to walk to the top. This view south east of the peninsula is unique and spectacular. With the town of Mount Maunganui in the foreground. On the right is Pilot Bay beach and the Tauranga Harbour. On the left is the Mount Mauganui main beach and Marine Parade Reserve. The small island is Motuotau Island with the Bay of Plenty stretching out the horizon beyond.

Pilot Bay beach

The coastal city of Tauranga has many popular sandy beaches. Pilot Bay is one of the calmer, more shelter beach opposite Mount Maugnanui main beach. Perfect for families and swimmers. In the background on the right is the hundreds of boats at the various marinas around the Tauranga Harbour. This was taken from the Pilot Quay Parking lots at the north west end of the beach. Looking south east along The Mall. Hopefully next time I’m in the area I’ll have more time to get in the water.

Whakatane Heads

This is Whakatane Harbour from the Puketapu lookout above Hillcrest Road. You can see here where the Whakatane River meets the Bay of Plenty and the South Pacific Ocean beyond. This is the view looking east from near the lookout. Typically I would have zoomed in on this landscape to avoid the plants and trees in the foreground. Here I feel they frame the view nicely. Especially with the bright blues of the waters and sky beyond.

Whakatāne from Puketapu lookout

Driving into Whakatāne from the east is a great drive. The final decent down Hillcrest Road the road twists around the Puketapu Lookout before getting into the city centre. When arriving I didn’t stop, mostly due to being hungry and tired from driving. Before leaving for they day we went back up to the Lookout. This is the view north west over The Strand in the foreground and the Whakatāne River in the middle of the frame. In the distance is the Bay of Plenty. The island off to the right is Moutohora Island.