Wooden gecko sculpture

This sculpture is a New Zealand Gecko created by local artist Marv Richdale. Carved with a chainsaw, it is around 2 metres long and made from a pine tree. Geckos along with stinks are the only two native families of lizards found in New Zealand. This wooden gecko lives in the Waiotapu Thermal Wonderland.

Girl with a Dolphin Fountain

This photograph shows a fountain called Girl with a Dolphin by British sculptor David Wynne. It’s a beautiful sculpture but it is a shame we can’t see the girls face from this angle. I would have had to be on the other side of the fountain and not see the bridge to capture the face of the girl. I had previously taken a photograph of the sculpture in the day time. While waiting for a nearby coffee shop to open after a dawn photoshoot. I came back to try to capture the movement of the water in the fountain. Using a tripod even though the sun was rising at this point. Framing the fountain to be as dominant in the photograph as the bridge. I was attempting to avoid the Shrad skyscraper in the background. In the end I chose to include it rather than hide it behind the bridge. It doesn’t matter too much as the Shard and sky are similar colours and the bridge and fountain are so dominant in the frame.

Lanterns of the Terracotta Warriors

Lanterns of the Terracotta Warriors

A few weeks ago the Terracotta Warriors came to Te Papa, New Zealand’s national museum. Outside the museum’s main entrance were the lanterns. These life-size, brightly coloured lanterns are lit up at night. Commissioned for the Beijing Olympics in 2008. There are 38 figures and two horses.

The Wind Wand

The Wind Wand, New Plymouth

As with most subjects, some are easier to capture than others. Tall and extremely thin sculptures like The Wind Wand are particularly difficult. Not just because it’s dimensions but also the location around it meant standing far back from it to capture the full height. This sculpture stands 48 metres tall and lives on the New Plymouth Coastal Walkway. The red tube is made of fibreglass and bends in the wind.