Hammock in Paradise

Hammock in Paradise, Cook Islands

Riding my hired scooter around the small island of Aitutaki in the Cook Islands. I ended up at Josie’s Beach Lodge to grab a bite to eat. Behind the hammock you can see the lagoon that surrounds the island with the waves breaking on the barrier reef beyond. On one hand this was right at the end of Aitutaki Airport’s runway so very occasionally a plane flies overhead. On the other hand, the tropical island is one of the most remote places I have ever visited. It only gets about three flights a day so I’m sure lying in this hammock you wouldn’t be disturbed too much.

Palm Tree at Aitutaki lagoon

Palm Tree at Aitutaki lagoon, Cook Islands

The main part of the island of Aitutaki is about 2 kilometers across by 12 long. On my first day on the island I decided to try and drive my scooter along every road on the island and see what I came across. My first discovery was that most of the roads are more tracks so it was pretty slow going (like they say, “you’re on island time now”).

This small deserted beach was found on the west coast of the island looking out across the shallow lagoon. Jumping off the scooter and grabbing my camera to take this photograph I noticed movement on the beach. This hive of activity was small red crabs running back into the sand.

Sunset over the South Pacific

Sunset over the South Pacific

Sunsets are something I actively lookout for when travelling. Without realising it I booked accommodation on the west coast of Rarotonga. For the first three days of my time in the Cook Islands the weather, although warm was very cloudy. Obviously the sun did set but it just slowly went dark rather than a picturesque sunset I was looking forward. Fortunately on my last day the weather was perfect and although a little cloudy on the horizon the sunset was perfect. The above photograph was taken about five or ten minutes after the sun had disappeared below the horizon.

Palm Tree on One Foot Island

Palms at Vaimaanga Beach

Tapuaetai or One Foot Island is one of the most popular desert islands to visit out of the 22 islands in the Aitutaki atoll of the Cook Islands. As you can see from this photography, the island is breathtakingly beautiful. I went to the Cook Islands in search of the classic picture postcard of a palm tree fringed with a tropical island and surrounded by turquoise waters. I found it on One Foot Island. It was also pretty cool that they had one of the world’s most remote post offices on the island where you can not only purchased and send postcards but also get your passport stamped.