Altrincham library

Opened in February 2019, this is the new library on Pott Street in Altrincham. Growing up in Altrincham, I visited the old Stamford New Road library many times. This is a dramatic improvement. The old library was dark and cramped. The new library is modern, bright and inviting. Exploring inside, I particularly liked the community meeting rooms and collaborative working spaces. The wooden and bronze book sculpture in front of the library entrance is also wonderful. Called Eudaemonium, this sculpture is 13 foot tall and by artist Stephen Broadbent.

Manchester Central Library at Christmas

This is the main entrance to Manchester’s Central Library. In front are some of the 2019 Christmas lights. In particular the bee on the right is a symbol of the city. Back in November I was in Manchester for a few short days. Whilst I wasn’t there for photography, I did find myself in the city centre one evening. This was taken on a tripod from a distance to capture the whole building and the lights. With the hundreds of people around taking their own photographs. I ended up merging three different images here to remove the people. Luckily I had the camera on a tripod otherwise this wouldn’t have been possible.

The White Bear, Knutsford

Built in the late 16th century the White Bear is a very traditional looking pub in central Knutsford in the UK. This is one of the town’s most notable buildings. It’s next to one of the two roundabouts on the main A50 road through the town. After getting lunch with my dad, we were hoping the rain would stop but it didn’t. When we walked back to the pub, there was road works with bright orange cones, right in front of the entrance to the pub. As I was putting my camera away, two construction workers walked around the corner and took the cones away. As you can see from the road it was raining when this was taken. It was worth the five minute wait in the rain to get this without cones or cars in the frame. If you look closely at the wonderful thatched roof, you might see a small thatched bear to the right of the centre chimney. To the left of the chimney on top of the roof appears to be a thatched peacock.

Buxton Opera House

One of the architectural highlights of the town is the Buxton Opera House. Having wondered through the Buxton Pavilion Gardens and crossed over the road this is the front entrance. Built in 1903 in an ornate Edwardian style the opera house seats 902 patrons. We didn’t have the time to explore inside. On my next visit to Buxton I hope to get a chance to photograph the interior.