Buxton Opera House

One of the architectural highlights of the town is the Buxton Opera House. Having wondered through the Buxton Pavilion Gardens and crossed over the road this is the front entrance. Built in 1903 in an ornate Edwardian style the opera house seats 902 patrons. We didn’t have the time to explore inside. On my next visit to Buxton I hope to get a chance to photograph the interior.

Chapel Street Longnor

Walking around the village of Longnor didn’t take long (no pun intended). It is only about 100 metres from one end of the village to the other. We had a great afternoon tea at Cobbles Cafe and then walked to this side street towards the church. This photograph was taken looking back towards the High street and the cafe. It is the textures of all the stone buildings and cobbled street that made me pick this image to share with you.

The road out of Longnor

Longnor is a small village in the Staffordshire Peak District, England. About a year ago I was staying nearby with my parents for a few nights. This is the view south along the B5053 road towards Warslow. The way the road dips down and then back up the other side of the valley, makes it appear as if the road is disappearing into the trees. I zoomed the lens as much as I could to get this effect and like how the trees frame the road. For those not familiar with the UK Highway Code. The white sign with the black line is a national speed limit sign. This means for cars and motorcycles this road has a 60 mph speed limit.

Calke Abbey

Calke Abbey

Back in the UK for another family reunion. This time we spend the long May bank holiday weekend at a farm house in Calke (pronounced Cork). Being so close we all made sure we visited the abbey. This Baroque mansion was built in 1701 but was never actually an abbey. It was owner by the Harper family for nearly 300 years. Today it is in the care of the National Trust. The grounds were expansive and well worth a visit. Inside much of the interior is in a variety of states of decay. This was surprising but still very interesting to see.