Southport Belle Paddle Steamer

On my day in Southport a couple of weeks ago, I saw this very interesting tourist boat. The Southport Belle is a Mississippi style paddle steamer on the Marine Lake, one of the largest man-made lakes in England. I wanted to have a side view of the boat with the signage of “Silcocks Funland” behind the boat. Although there is little separation between building and boat, the photograph shows the very bland and boring image which a lot of sea side resorts seem to have been given in the media. I don’t think this is true to life. Places like Southport have a lot of tourist attractions and are generally on the up and up in my opinion. They are a little run down in parts, but in other areas there is a lot of money being put into them, such as the massive cinema complex or cafe at the end of Southport Pier. I hope to go back some time soon and spend a full day exploring the sea side town to its fullest. I may even take a boat trip on the Southport Belle.

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