Heart Statue Almeria, Spain

As you probably know, last month I went to Almeria in Spain for a weeks holiday. It was my first beach / sun / relaxing type of holiday for years. I enjoyed relaxing but I did take a few photographs to share with you. This statue, pictured above was in the middle of a roundabout in the tourist resort side of Roquetas de Mar, a few miles west of Almeria. To me it looks like a large, white, stone heart but when I have shown others they often saw other things. For example, someone thought that it looked like two fish or dolphins nose to nose. After a week of exploring the area around Almeria, I found there were a lot of these types of statues. Almeria was host to the 2005 Mediterranean Games and so many statues represent sports. Sadly, I found almost no information about any of the statues. I walked around the roundabout where the above heart statue was and found no information about the artist or the statue’s title, in Spanish or English! If you have any information on this symbol I would love to know, or if you thought it represents something other than love then I would love to read it in the comments below.

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