Union Jack Bunting

Traditionally bunting is strings of colourful triangular flags of fabric. This example shows the Union Jack bunting. The Union Jack is the national flag of the United Kingdom. It was photographed in Altrincham market. The Old Market Place is thought to stand on the site of the original town settlement. There has been a market here for hundreds of years. In the last few years it has become a very popular spot for food and locally made goods.

Inside John Rylands Library

This is the Reading Room of the Rylands Library. Having lived my student years in central Manchester. I am a little ashamed to say that 2019 was my first visit inside the library. It’s a late-Victorian neo-Gothic architectural style. Opened in 1900 it has Harry Potter style vibes to the place. The library was founded by John’s wife in his memory. John Rylands was an English entrepreneur who owned large textile manufacturing mills. At its peak, the Rylands family firm employed 15,000 people across 17 mills and factories, producing 35 tons of cloth a day. In the past this type of interior photograph would have required a tripod to keep the image sharp. Modern cameras can now handle such low light settings with ease. 

Buxton Opera House

One of the architectural highlights of the town is the Buxton Opera House. Having wondered through the Buxton Pavilion Gardens and crossed over the road this is the front entrance. Built in 1903 in an ornate Edwardian style the opera house seats 902 patrons. We didn’t have the time to explore inside. On my next visit to Buxton I hope to get a chance to photograph the interior.

Chapel Street Longnor

Walking around the village of Longnor didn’t take long (no pun intended). It is only about 100 metres from one end of the village to the other. We had a great afternoon tea at Cobbles Cafe and then walked to this side street towards the church. This photograph was taken looking back towards the High street and the cafe. It is the textures of all the stone buildings and cobbled street that made me pick this image to share with you.