Nikon Solutions Expo – Manchester Velodrome

Dave mentioned at the weekend, that there was some type of Nikon road show going on today. When I got home from the Lake District there was an e-mail invite from Nikon waiting for me. So Kov and I went down to check out the latest D300 and D3 Nikon D-SLR cameras. The event was held inside Manchester’s Velodrome and had live sports photography with cyclists racing around the show (as in the photograph above). There was also a live wedding shoot going on which was also very interesting to watch. For me though, it wasn’t so much playing with the new and extremely expensive Nikon cameras but being able to try and test out any Nikon lens I had thought of purchasing. I tested the 105mm Macro f/2.8 VR, which was a stunning close up lens, pin sharp detail and very crisp. The second lens was the 80-400mm VR zoom which was very heavy and although impressive in terms of focal length, awkward to zoom. For a photographer, these types of events are incredibly useful, not only did I network with a lot of photographers but I also got to try some of the latest and most expensive lens on my own camera body.

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