Rocky Shore near Craster, Northumberland

One of the greatest small (under an hour) walks along the Northumberland coast, is from the beautiful fishing village of Craster north to Dunstanburgh Castle. It took me a good couple of hours because I walked along the rocky shore photographing the rock pools and trying to get more interesting angles for photographs of the castle. About half way along the shore I came across this large piece of drift wood. There are no trees within sight of there so it must have been washed up by the sea. Once I had taken the photo, I looked at the LCD monitor on the back on the camera and saw a big white thing. When looking closely at the view I saw a massive plastic water bottle. My first thought was “Photoshop it out” but then I thought, no I want to re-take this picture. I put down the camera and climbed over the rocks to get rid of the litter by hand. I’m glad I did, because if I hadn’t, I probably wouldn’t have gone to the trouble of digitally removing it and therefore never would have published this photograph.

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