Fountain in Albert’s Square, Manchester

I had taken my tripod with me on Wednesday for my photo walk around town and decided to use it. I was experimenting with capturing the water from this gargoyle at various shutter speeds. I saw this composition and liked the three elements and how I could frame them, although I realise now that the tripod should have been set a little lower to give separation between the lamp and the building in the background. I also meant to find out what the building behind the fountain was but forgot. I took about half an hour over this photograph, like I said I was experimenting with different settings to get the water looking blurred in some and sharp in other pictures. This was my favourite of the set although I am still not happy with the extreme blue of the sky, I tried to tone it down but it didn’t seem to look right. Still, it’s the composition of this picture that made me want to share it with you.

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