Manchester Panoramic Skyline 2007

Every so often if you take enough photographs you find one that you would like to print out large and stick on your wall. This is that photograph for me. When I say photograph, the image above is a cropped down section of a panoramic composition of over a dozen digital files. In this particular section there is three or four photographs. The large sky scrapper to the far left is the Beetham Tower (or Hilton Hotel). The chimney is from the Macintosh Mills (now converted into apartments. You can see the roof of the G-Mex exhibition centre and Bridgewater Hall. To the right you can just see the top of the Town Hall over more apartment blocks. The full image extends past the Palace Theatre to the Palace Hotel and beyond (to the right). Taken through the dirty glass of a sixth floor window without using a tripod this picture took me three attempts and over eight hours work in Photoshop. But I think it is worth it.

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