Castlefield foot bridge

This is the second photograph I took last night on my evening adventure around Castlefield. I was able to explore various parts of Castlefield that I had not been to before and this was taken from one of them. I was stood behind the Youth Hostel looking down the canal to the bridge. If you’re wondering what is framing this photograph, it is a railway viaduct that takes the Metrolink trams from Altrincham and Eccles into the city centre. The three photographers to the right of the bridge are fellow members of Sale Photographic Society, we were all out taking shoots of the area for an up and coming competition. The two buildings behind the white foot bridge are old converted warehouses, the one off to the right is now the studios for Magic FM and Key 103 radio stations. I am not sure what the building in the middle is but I am guessing it is offices.

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