Manchester Skyline featuring Palace Hotel

Not just the Palace Hotel, this is one of many photographs I have taken out of the windows from Manchester’s Student Village. I have been living here since September and today is the day I move back home to Altrincham, just south of the city. The photo above was taken on one of the nicest days of the year, an amazing sky like the one you can see here makes a great difference to the look of a image. The photograph shows both the Palace Theatre and Hotel, the Portland tower and many other offices and apartment buildings. I am not sure what the construction work is in the foreground, I would guess it is going to be apartments but it could be anything from offices to car parking. I am not sure what state the photo blog will be in after moving all my stuff back home, I imagine I will have little time for photography in the next week, but this time next week (the 16th) I am off to Northumberland for a week of pure photography.

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