Beetham Tower over Castlefield, Manchester

Castlefield is one of my favourite areas of the city of Manchester and has became the UK’s first designated Urban Heritage Park. It was traditionally a very industrial area, with interesting railway viaducts and canal systems. Living within about ten minutes walk of this part of the city I come here a lot to take pictures and regular readers will have seen this view point a number of times. I think this is one of the better and probably last photograph I will publish from this spot. I find this image an amazing contrast of old traditional industrial England with the modern architecture of the Beetham Tower or Manchester’s Hilton hotel in the background. This 48 floor tower was completed last year after its two year construction and now completely dominates the cities skyline. I think it is interesting how one building can completely change the look of a place. I took this picture this evening as part of a photography club competition, the weather turned out great so I thought I would show you, I hope you like it.

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