Goose being feed by hand

I love taking photographs of animals, but it can be extremely frustrating. The image above was captured in St. James’s Park in London. There were a number of Geese and a large crowd of people watching a “larger than life” American man feeding the birds. With so many other geese, pigeons and other birds around fighting for bread it was very difficult to get the one bird on its own without any distractions in the background. On this occasion I took six photographs, I am fortunate enough to have a camera with continuous drive so I can take 3 photos a second. This really helps as the goose is fast moving and when it is gone its gone. You can’t ask animals to come back and do it again. This is why a lot of animal photography is simply about being there at the right time and having patience to wait for the bird to do what you want. I am very pleased with the above image but find the background a little distracting.

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