Goat Face through Fence

Goat Face through Fence
It has been way too long since I last brought you an animal picture. My last trip to my local zoo wasn’t too successful photographically, but today I managed to capture this happy face. He seemed very interested in eating my camera (either that or perhaps he could see his reflection in the glass) – either way he spend a good minute or so trying to get his nose and tongue as close to my camera as possible. Sometimes the fence around animals can work well and I think in this case it has. I wasn’t looking through the lens at the point that this image was captured, but simply pointing the camera and firing as many frames as I could in the hope that something like this might come out of all the other rubbish pictures. The angle of the image seems to add a little in my opinion, but some people might have preferred a more horizontal looking goat. I think that my favourite part of this photograph is the other goat in the background watching what is going on, it just adds something special for me.

This photograph was captured at a farm near Chorlton Water Park. For once in my life I didn’t photograph the farm’s sign so have no idea what the farm is called, but when I find out I will update this post. I was on a bike ride around Sale and Chorlton Water Parks and then through to Wythenshawe Park. Unfortunately because of the cloudy and dark day most of the pictures captured weren’t very interesting. I do however have lots of great locations to photograph as soon as I have a few free  hours on a sunny day.


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