Sailing on Sale Water Park

As discussed yesterday, I photographed Sale Water Park and the surrounding areas and a couple of people have mentioned that they would like to see more photographs of this area. Well, here is my “best” picture to date of the water park. It’s awful in my opinion, so much so that as soon as I find a nice day I will be back at the park with my camera to re-take this photograph. In the background you can see street lights above the M60 motorway which is the “ring road” around the Greater Manchester area. Without the dinghy sailing past me I think that this picture would have never made it onto my website. As it was, my camera was at the bottom of my bag whilst I was eating a picnic by the water. When I saw this yacht coming past, the camera came out. I’m just hoping my next visit will be filled with blue skies, lovely lighting and more people sailing on the water.

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