Cobbled Street in Manchester

More specifically this was taken in the Castlefield area of Manchester city centre. These cobble stones are normally grey and dull, but because the sun was setting in the distance there was a beautiful warm light on the street. Fortunately the camera has kept sharpness and details from front to back and it might be a little annoying not to see where this road leads or the details around this street, but my recent photographic trips have been focusing much more on details in an endeavour to get a little more creative with my camera. I will admit I did enhance the saturation of the colour and add the darkened edges that seem very popular at the moment, but as far as I am concerned it is the end result that matters in photography. I could have taken this photograph on 35mm slide film and put a warm up filter on and maybe a vignette out of black card, a similar picture would have probably been produced. To me it is just far easier and quicker to do this in post processing.

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