Trafford Centre Main Entrance with Statues

The Trafford Centre is a shopping centre in the north of England on the outskirts of Manchester. In the last six months this new entrance hall has been built in front of the Orient part of the complex. I am not sure if I really hate what we can see in the photo or if I like it. Photographically it does interest me because the statues and details make for some very interesting pictures BUT the fact that this part of the shopping mall is less than six months old makes it seem so horribly fake. As if the owners are just trying to show off how much profit they make.

I spent yesterday walking around Trafford Park, the Trafford Centre, Chill Factore and surrounding areas. It is very much designed from the ground up for people in cars; they park up in one of the 10,000 spaces and spend the day in the area, eating and shopping. I could go into a very long rant about how I don’t like the Trafford Centre, but I won’t because this website is a showcase for the photography, not an outlet for my rage at shopping, or how terrible “Hold fast to that which is good” sounds as a moto for a shopping centre.

Back to the job in hand. The afternoon light was really on my side here and helped light up the statues and columns in almost a perfect way. I had to stand on a rock to get this view and would probably get a better picture stood on step-ladders but they didn’t fit on the bus unfortunately. There was a nice mixture of blue sky and dark clouds and as much as it was very cold, the sun did come out for about half an hour and it does make a very large difference to the picture because of that. I would love to know your opinions on this entrace. Is it over the top? Do you love it and why? Comments below are welcomed.

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