Primrose Terrace Entrance, Dumplington

Yesterday I posted a picture of the new Trafford Centre’s over the top main entrance, the above photograph puts it in perspective. Believe it or not this picture was taken exactly 300 metres away from the shopping mall (yes I did get the map out). Primrose Terrance is a row of around a dozen “two up, two down” houses on Old Park Lane which is now a busy main road leading into one of the UK’s largest shopping centres. I believe that these houses are doomed and have probably been derelict for a number of years.

The bad point is they are very close to the noisy M60 motorway and main Trafford Centre exit but imagine how such properties would look if they weren’t knocked down, if they were refurbished to their former glory. Within walking distance that hundreds of shops, an indoor ski slope, sports centre, leisure centre, one of the countries largest Asda / Walmart stores, cinemas, casinos, dozens of restaurants, bars, a bowling alley, golf course and more. Plus a bus station giving transport links to most major towns in the north west. I love living in the city centre but I would imagine the price of one of these terrace houses would be a lot cheaper than a two bedroom where I live at the moment.

When I return to this area to find these houses demolished I will be very sad that these are genuine architecture, not fake like the Trafford Centre. Admittedly they need a lot of work to make the houses liveable, but surely that would be better than making just building more offices on the land. I am sure that redeveloped they could sell for a decent price to young, first time buyers.

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