Time Square, New York at Dusk

In my opinion Time Square in New York is one of the wonders of the world. It is like the heart of the city, where everything comes together and meets. Everything about it amazes me, the first time I went I felt sick looking up at such amazingly tall buildings all close together. Now I just enjoy the experience. I have been to New York twice, once in April 2005 and again in March 2006, it seems sad that this year I miss out on my trip over to the States. Although there is a lot more to the U.S.A. than just New York, I like the idea of an annual trip to the “Big Apple”.

I’m sure I will return in the coming years and probably get a better photograph than the above. This image was taken hand-held on my old compact on my last visit to the city. It really needs to be video though as most of the billboard advertisements are moving image rather than print, its like walking past a TV store window and looking at all the different TVs. Only here the TVs are as big as a store window and they are plastered up the sides of 50 storey buildings. In a word – awesome.

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