Boats at Whiteheaven Harbour

Two reasons for sharing this photograph with you. Firstly, I took an interesting photograph of the modern sculpture at the harbour. It was the most interesting thing I had taken a picture of that day but didn’t really show you what the harbour looks like with all the boats. This is difficult to do as there are at least three different areas, above shows you just one but you do get a much better idea of the place in my opinion. Secondly, I am heading up to Teesdale in County Durham tomorrow for a weekend of photography and this picture was taken in the north of the country also. Yes, Whiteheaven is in Cumbria but Durham and Cumbria are similar to me all the way down here in Manchester. Anyway, the photograph isn’t technically that wonderful (like always I blame that on the weather) but I liked the masts of the boats, as they appear to merge together.

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