Silhouetted Palm Trees at Sunrise

Looking out of my window right now the weather is almost completely opposite to what you’re seeing in the above photograph, so I thought I would share this beautiful sunrise photograph with you, to at the very least cheer me up. It was taken last September on the coast of Sardinia, Italy early one morning. I had spent some relaxing hours sat here in the warmth of the hot sun over the previous few days and it was a very refreshing change to be down at the beach and cold. I was just at the point of taking this photograph when I suddenly started to feel the warmth of the sun, just a little at first but noticeable none the less. If you look closely (on the enlarged picture, click the photo please) you will see a small boat on the horizon to the left of the sun. I noticed it to and as soon as this was taken I ran down to the edge of the water to take a second photograph looking into the sun. This can be seen below. Still, I personally prefer the one above.

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