Romaldkirk Parish Church, Teesdale

I think it is time I start blogging about somewhere other than the Yorkshire Dales and County Durham but I couldn’t finish talking about last weekends trip up north without showing you this photograph above. The village of Romaldkirk is where we were all staying. This picture was taken on the Sunday morning, in fact thinking about it there was probably a mass going on at the time. I feel disappointed that I didn’t go in and explore the interior when I had the chance because I do wish to try and take some stained glass photographs but I can’t do everything. The low viewpoint makes this photograph different in my opinion, it looks as if the camera was very close to the ground, but it was actually on a wall at my shoulder height. The graveyard and church are a lot higher than the road which goes around the church. The original photograph had made converging verticals which I corrected in Photoshop, but apart from this, the photograph is just how I saw it.

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