Portmeirion Italianate Village, North Wales

Some people I spoke to before going described it as an interesting, Italian styled village, but others told me it was more like an old Italian themed Disney Land. Not knowing what to expect, this time last week I found myself there on what turned out to be a fantastic day for photography. I can confirm this is nothing like Disney Land. However it is, as the Wikipedia describes it, full of “deliberately fanciful nostalgia” and in my opinion that is what makes it so interesting and unique. The statues, architectural details and other weird and wonderful things could probably keep this photo blog going to the end of the month (don’t worry, I’m not planning on doing that).

The above photograph was taken at the top of the “woodland walk” and by the looks of it, not a lot of people make the effort to climb up here. I was looking at recreating the cover image on the tour brochure. Sadly, whilst sitting down to have a bite to eat on the grass below, it started to rain heavily. Shelter wasn’t far away and almost everyone either headed home or went into the cafe. Fortunately, ten minutes later the sun came out, so I walked up to this point and was lucky enough to catch the light. You can probably see the rain clouds over the hills on the other side of the estuary. Needless to say, I am very pleased to be able to bring you this picture.

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