Plane Sculpture in Filey

This metal plane sculpture was photographed on the beach front of the small town of Filey. Sadly I couldn’t find any information about this sculpture; there was no information anywhere around it nor could I find anything from a quick Google / Flickr search. I would love to know who the artist was and what type of plane this is based around. It seems to have some weird ski / float like things in front of the wheels.

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  1. Take a look on this web page.. the info you need is low down on the page :-)

  2. Alan’s 2012 link seems to be no longer active,
    Sculpture represents a Blackburn Mercury. Here is a reference from the present incarnation of that aircraft manufacturer, “The Blackburn Mercury Monoplane was a two-seat pilot trainer development of the Blackburn Second Monoplane and is regarded as the first truly successful aircraft made by Blackburn Aeroplanes of Leeds.

    The Blackburn Mercury I, powered by a 50 hp Isaacson radial engine, was displayed at the Olympia Aero Show in March 1911, after which it began flying from the beach at Filey, as part of the newly formed Blackburn Flying School.

    The date of its first flight is not recorded although on 17th May 1911, it carried out a return flight from Filey to Scarborough, returning in just 19 minutes. It set an average speed of 50 mph and recorded an altitude of 1200 feet. Unfortunately, the following day the engine seized, resulting in the loss of the propeller.”

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