Mount Eden and Auckland Museum

Zooming in on the camera can change perspectives and views dramatically and this is an example of that. When going to view points (in this case the lookout out at the top of Mount Victoria in Auckland) we are often drawn to taking a wide, panoramic view. I often focus on capturing such views but when you zoom in the camera on details as I have done here you can get just as dramatic results. Here we see part of the centre of Auckland. It was taken with a 200mm lens, early on a winter’s morning.

In the foreground we can see the Ports of Auckland containers, one of the main ports for the whole of New Zealand. Behind the flood lights we can see the central suburb of Parnell, which is where I used to live. The large building on the left side of the picture is the Auckland War Memorial Museum with Auckland Domain in front of it. To the right in the distance is the Mount Eden domain, which is an extinct volanco. The distances here is roughly 1km between Mount Eden and the museum. It’s probably another kilometre between the museum and port. So whilst here everything looks very compact, we’re looking at over 2kms or roughly 1.5 miles distance from foreground to background.

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