Fat Boy Harley Davidson Motorbike

I think this is the first photograph on my blog that was taken using 35mm traditional film. I stopped using film in about 1998, not so much because I moved straight to digital but that’s another story. This photograph was taken some time between 1995 and 1998. I would have been at a car show, probably Tatton Park with my dad. He takes some amazing photographs of motorbike engines, and I think this style of photograph does have a certain style or quality about it that is appealing . The Fat Boy Harley Davidson bikes were first introduced in 1990. I have no details about the age of this model, but to me (I don’t know anything about motorbikes) it looks like there is two fuel tanks. Maybe reader Mark (my biker friend) could comment on this. It’s just a shame a missed out the logo of the bike in the top left.

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