Camelot Canal Barge detail, Castlefield

To me there is something quintessentially British about Canal Barges: the vast network of man-made waterways and the colourful and artistic details of the barges themselves. I realise there are man-made waterways in many other countries around the world, but this type of photograph that you can see above will always remind me of home. Whether that be walks down the canal at Audlem with my grandparents as a child or walks around Castlefield where this image was captured. The thing that probably prompted me to take this particular picture was the hand-painted look of the sign. We all live in a word of “perfect” computer rendered type and lettering, be that street signs or bill board advertisements. As a graphic design student I notice these things probably a little obsessively, but that’s why I took this picture, its just nice in its imperfections.

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