Back Alley behind Deansgate, Manchester

This photograph has a lot more to it than just an alley with lots of industrial waste bins. It symbolises a change that is taking place with my photography. You might hate this photo, or you might like this photo. But what is starting to happen is that I am focusing on looking more, trying to be more creative and see things differently. Many images that I share with you via my website are pretty “postcard” style photos, I like doing them and will continue. But, I feel it is time to step back and try new things with my camera.

The above image was captured yesterday and it is a little boring, until you realise where this was taken. I took this photo in one of the most expensive areas of the city with really expensive restaurants, bars and cafes. I was stood at the corner of St. Ann Street just by shops such as House of Fraser, Russell & Bromley and Habitat. As previously talked about on a recent post I am looking at food in relation to the area. Yesterday was when it struck me to look at where does all the waste go. Well here we can see the back of Pizza Hut, Subway and Cafe Nero. What is strange to me as at the other end of this alley way is one of the two main entrances for the Barton Arcade. So if you ever wondered where does all the catering waste go? Or what does the back of Deansgate look like? Now you know, and if you never wondered that then I suspect you stopped reading this post many lines back!

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