The Dome Napier at Sunset

The Dome is an iconic landmark building in the heart of Napier. Built in 1935 it was originally the home of Temperance General Insurance. After the devastating 1931 earthquake destroyed most of the city. The design was based on the architectural style of the day, Art Deco and Spanish Mission. Napier is now internationally recognised as the Art Deco Capital of the World. I have photographed The Dome before. It was on my first visit to the city. Apart from the better angle of the latest photograph above. Getting further from the building and zooming in from across the road makes for better symmetry of the architecture. Taking it at sunset gives the photograph a warm glow. The other thing I notice between the old 2013 photograph of The Dome and the above. The Starbucks Coffee sign has been updated to be more in keeping with the building style and much more subtle. Planning a trip to Napier I considered staying at The Dome. It was the lack of parking that stopped me and ended up in a lovely AirBnB in nearby Hospital Hill.

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