The Photographer’s Sunset

The Photographer's Sunset

One of my favourite photographs that have taken and certainly my favourite picture of my dad. Yes, this is my father and for anyone reading that might not know, it was because of this man I started taking photographs at the age of five years old. The long stick is a monopod (like a tripod with one leg). I took this photo back in early November in the Lake District near Eskdale. We had climbed up a big mound / rock to take pictures looking down on the River Esk. Whilst climbing back down I turned around and saw this. I love using my digital camera to shoot into the sun. As a child I was always told never to look directly into the sun, but with a compact camera the effects can make for interesting photographs. I didn’t set this up, simply told my dad to stand still for a second, took two shoots. This was my favourite.