Church of the Good Shepherd Lake Tekapo

I first visited Tekapo about 8 years ago. Ever since I’ve wanted to go back in winter. It often snows in the area during this season, as it did on our second day. Typically night and astrophotography is better during winter when the milkyway is visible. The last couple of times I’ve visited Tekapo were in the summer when there were hundreds of tourists surrounding the church. On this evening I had the place to myself. What doesn’t come across in the photograph was how windy it was. Even with the camera on a tripod many of the photographs were blurred due to the hallowing winds coming off the lake. This photograph was taken after sunset so there was still a little light in the sky. It was still a relatively long exposure of 1.6 seconds.

Blood Moon 2021

Super Flower Blood Moon was the only total lunar eclipse of 2021. This was captured on the evening of 27 May 2021. A friend invited me to the south coast to photograph the blood moon without the light pollution of the city. I ended up staying home. This was taken from my apartment balcony in the centre of Wellington. Using a tripod and the lens zoomed in to 240mm. The camera settings for this ended up being a 2 second exposure at f8 with ISO 1600. The moon isn’t a subject I photograph often, as it has some photographic challenges. It is a very bright subject on a very dark background. Lunar eclipses are a little easier in some ways as the moon is darker, due the Earth’s shadow. You can read more about this from’s Super Flower Blood Moon 2021 article.

Len Lye Centre in New Plymouth

Driving through the centre of New Plymouth it would be impossible to not see this building. Day or night it stands out as an extreme contrast to the surrounding architecture. This is the Len Lye Centre. A modern (2015) extension to the Govett-Brewster Art Gallery. This is New Zealand’s first gallery dedicated to a single artist. Taken from in front of the Clock Tower On Devon Street West. If you look closely you can see the clock tower, lit up in green and purple lights reflected in the building. It was dusk when this was photographed. Using a 30 second long exposure helped capture the blur of car’s white headlights and red tail lights as people drove past. Designed by architect Andrew Patterson. It has a highly polished, stainless steel exterior that curves around the sides of the gallery. From almost any angle this looks futuristic and so unusual. The only difficulty I had was not photographing myself or my tripod reflecting in the building.

The Quays Theatre at night

This is The Lowry, a theatre and gallery space in the heart of Salford Quays. The tall building on the right is the 16 floor Imperial Point apartments. Some of my earliest night time photographs were taken around Salford Quays. It had been 10 years since I’d been back and not a huge amount had changed. This was the second photograph from this spot. Taken during heavy rain on a short photo shoot with my friend Mark. We were stood in front of the Imperial War Museum North.