Sunrise at Angkor Wat

I have spent the past few days in Cambodia photographing the Angkor Archaeological Park just outside Siem Reap. After an 11 hour bus journey from Bangkok to Siem Reap (much of it waiting around at petrol stations and the border) I have spent the past three mornings getting a Tuk-tuk from my hotel to be at Angkor Wat temple ruins for 5am for the famous sunrise. However, it is monsoon season here in Asia, so I couldn’t really have picked a worse time of year to visit. Not 100% happy with the above sunrise, but it was the best of the three days and it is the other photographs of other temple ruins and the people that made my few days in Cambodia a very rewarding experience.

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  1. I’ve got to say I love this photo and I think how the light from the sun is reflected off the clouds is gorgeous. Given the time of year Ed, I think you’ve got an amazing photograph!

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