Ngā Pou o Heretaunga

One of the coolest things I saw in Hastings Civil Square is Ngā Pou o Heretaunga. Unveiled in 2013, these 18 pou (pillars) each represent an ancestor from a marae around the Heretaunga district. They proudly stand in the centre of Hasting as a tangible link to the region’s cultural heritage. Close up to the camera on the left of the frame is the Hawea You from Waipahu Area. Carved by Tahoe Huata, Colin Tihi and Tiopira Te Huia. In the centre of the photograph, facing the camera is Tiakitai Pou. From the Tiakitai Marae carved by Dr Takiriangi Smith. The red pou on the left is Nukanoa from Korongata Marae by carver David Pere. They were carved from ancient totara trees over a span of 10 months. I spent a lot of time wondering around the pou and photographing them individually and as a group. If I have any of the information about the pou wrong, please do get in touch as I would like to shout out the amazing carvers.

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