Meaningless Graffiti in Manchester

I really enjoy photographing street art and graffiti and have featured a number of fantastic examples of graffiti from cities such as Barcelona. However, being a local to Manchester city centre most of my graffiti photos come from there. This was taken very close to my old flat and is a perfect example of what I call “meaningless graffiti”. In my opinion it shows little artist merit or value and to me doesn’t add to the building. It just looks a little messy and unreadable. Obviously this is my opinion and I would love to hear your opinions on the issue of what is and what isn’t acceptable to you in the world of street art or graffiti.

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  1. This isn’t too bad! I’ve seen much worse in and around the city centre. I’m a particular fan of tagging, so my opinion may bee seen to be a slight biased toward a style of graffiti that most people hate. I’d rather this than some halfwit kid scrawling their name and an insult in bad english.

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