Lego Medical Man

Still life, close up / macro photography has been something of a summer project for me. Rarely have I had the chance to use my newly acquired second-hand close up filter on the front of my Nikor 50mm f/1.8 lens but last week I was lucky enough to spend the whole day playing with Lego. Apart from the great sense of nostalgia I felt getting out my old toys and fooling around, it was a very interesting technical exercise and I learn a lot.

This photograph was also taken with flash (a Nikon SB-800) off camera. I found that the tripod wasn’t as useful as I had imagined because the shutter speeds were so short. Also I prefer the look of the depth of field at f/2.8 rather than f/1.8 – this goes back to portraits though and this photo is a portrait of a Lego man.

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