Heron taking off from the Water of Leith

This is the second photograph of a heron that I have published taken on the Water of Leith in Edinburgh, Scotland. I prefer the one above, but others tell me they prefer the one of the heron wading. It makes me proud that this was taken on a 135mm zoom lens, when a lot of the full time professional wildlife photographers are shooting with 400 – 600mm prime lenses! Apart from being very fortunate with my timing on this shot, I think my favourite part about this image is the reflection of the bird on the water below. The reflection of the bright sunlight on the green leaves in the background is the only disappointing area of this photograph for me. Still, this is only a minor detail and the overall photo is currently one of my favourite nature history / wildlife photograph taken this year, especially when you consider this is a wild bird and not taken in a zoo or animal park.

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