Aircraft Radar Operators Console

Yesterday I was hoping to go to Chester Zoo, but because the weather forecast showed rain, the decision was made to go to the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester. After being inspired by some of my friend Kov’s photographs of MoSI, Mark and I walked down to Castlefield in the hopes of getting some interesting record or machinery pictures. The picture above shows an aircraft’s radar operators console. Unfortunately I didn’t find out which aircraft it came out of, however I did photograph the information sheet which tells us…

“This radar console is one of three that are situated in line on the port side of the aircraft behind the navigator’s position to the rear of the pilot’s cockpit. Three AEW crew members, typically an AEW controller, an AEW operator and a tactical co-ordinator would sit, facing outwards, at their consoles interpreting the information presented on their screens.

During the period of the Cold War they would be searching particularly for unidentified, possibly hostile aircraft and relaying details by radio to RAF tactical command, who would in turn alert fighter or surface to air missile defences. This simulation assumes that the aircraft is flying over the Irish Sea and the coastlines of Ireland, Cumbria and North Wales are clearly visible. Although this radar system was in use until the 1980’s, it was in fact originally developed in the USA in the mid 1940’s”

It is free entry to Manchester’s Museum of Science and Industry which is open from 10.00am – 5.00pm every day – it is definitely worth a visit if you’re in the area and I will be certainly visiting it again soon.

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