Blind at Birth – Teddy Bear

Blind at Birth - Teddy Bear

‘Cute’ was what I thought when I first came across this teddy bear at Willow Pool Gardens a couple of years ago. I was there taking photos on the theme of “Rotten” for a graphic design brief. The picture above wasn’t used but I knew I liked it so here he is.

Hale Barns Square – Cheshire

Hale Barns Square - Cheshire

I woke up this morning quite late after a long night on projects of mine. The day was wonderful, beautiful blue skies and fluffy clouds – just the day to get out and take some great photos. So I got on my bike and went around the local area taking photos of some of the buildings which I know are being re-built, restored or renovated. The photograph below shows Hale Barns Square, near Altrincham in Cheshire. According to a sign on a lamp-post all these shops you can see in this image are due to be demolished for a new “improved” shopping area. According to locals, this is a bad idea and they seem to like it the way it is – personally, I’m undecided.

Arbroath Haddock Smokie at Farmer’s Market

Arbroath Haddock Smokie at Farmer's Market

This morning I took the trip to Edinburgh’s famous Farmer’s Market. It was smaller than I expected from a market in city the size of Edinburgh but one of the stalls that really court my eye was Iain Spink’s Original Arbroath Smokies. When I first saw this I thought something was on fire and it might have gone wrong due to the amount of smoke produced but I was wrong, Iain and his staff were smoking Haddock fish in a very traditional way. What you see in the photo below is an Arbroath Smokie.

Where’s the Mole? Scarecrow at Wrenbury

Where's the Mole? Scarecrow at Wrenbury

This afternoon I visited the lovely little village of Wrenbury in Cheshire. It was recommended to me as it has a very interested scarecrow competition throughout the village this week. There were close to 130 entries to the contest, which was organized by the local primary school. There were some very funny and well thought out entries and it gave a very strong sense of a community throughout the village.