The Golden Mount – Wat Saket

The Golden Mount - Wat Saket

There are many Buddist temples in Bangkok and at many of the most famous ones I have found these golden stupa (locally known as cheri). When the name is translated it literally means “heap” and a stupa contains Buddhist relics. With the full name of Wat Saket Ratcha Wore Maha Wihan (they like their long names here in Thailand), this temple on the top of a hill in the city dates back to the 18th century, but it was built on soft ground so it had to be rebuild years later.

Long Boats on Chao Phraya River

Long Boats on Chao Phraya River

On my first afternoon in Bangkok my walk ended up near the river, fortunately for me with a great view looking across to Wat Arun (Temple of the Dawn). In the foreground you can see the last of the day’s sunlight hitting the right side of the long boat heading towards the dock I was stood on. On the left a boat (the same style and size) is moored up for the day.

Line of Tuk Tuk’s in Bangkok

Line of Tuk Tuk's in Bangkok

Known by many different names in different parts of the world but here in Thailand they are called Tuk-tuks and here I managed to avoid being noticed by the drivers long enough to get a shot of them parked up along the road. They are a unique way to see the city and yesterday I took my first ride in one. I think every photo that I took on board is extremely blurry, probably because of the lack of any kind of sides to stop my camera bag rolling off into the road whilst we turn around corners. Still it was great fun!