Worlds Largest Mirrored Ball – Blackpool, England

This afternoon I set off for Blackpool. It was a lot later than I had expected to leave, but we arrived in good time and the traffic was clear for a Friday rush hour time. This evening it was raining but we drove into the centre of Blackpool to look at the sights. It was dark and wet so I couldn’t see the sea, but there were a lot of interesting things with lots of lights on them like amusement arcades, roller-coasters, casinos and bars – even the tower. I got completely soaking wet but it was worth it to get photos of the town at night. The photograph shows the World’s Largest Mirrored Ball. It was made by Michael Tranner and the Art Department in 2002. The quote below the ball says “They shoot horses don’t they?” Not exactly sure the relationship between a huge mirror ball and that quote but I liked the photograph and Claire standing underneath gives the image a sense of scale.

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