Wild Daffodil Flowers, County Durham, England

Narcissus pseudo narcissus, more commonly known as the wild daffodil, shown in the photography above was found in the grounds of the Bowes Museum. It was a very quick photo stop here, mainly to capture this photo of the museum itself. But whilst parked near the main entrance I found a huge bed of daffodil flowers in almost perfect condition, although a little in the shade. Due to the rush I was in, this image was captured hand held. Strictly speaking I should have had the camera on a tripod to keep things sharper. I’m told that ideally in flower photography you shouldn’t have just two flowers in the frame. There should always be an odd number like three or five, but I don’t feel it matters too much to this composition. The thing I like most about the above photograph is the background is very much out of focus, you can make out the flower at different angles and stages of its development.

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